Some invited lectures till 2003

  • M.L.F. Giuseppin, Growth Rate as a Key Control Parameter for Quality of Yeast Propagations, presented at 17th ISSY, Edinburgh, UK, August 1995.
  • M.L.F. Giuseppin, Quantitative Description and Prediction of Metabolic Fluxes in yeast, presented at Symposium on variation in secondary metabolism, Northampton , UK, October 1996.
  • M.L.F. Giuseppin, Modelling Of The Dynamics Of Amino Acid Pools; Its Relevance To Commercial Yeast Propagations, presented at ESF conference on Metabolic Engineering, Giens, France, June 1997.
  • M.L.F. Giuseppin, Application Of Process Intensification In Starch Processing, 47th Starch Convention, Detmold, 9 April 2003. <+>