Introduction to the PhD Thesis of Marco Giuseppin 1988


"Optimization of methanol oxidase production by Hansenula polymorpha; an applied study on physiology and fermentation."
Delft University of Technology, Delft (NL).

Promotors: Prof Dr G.J. Kuenen & Prof Dr C.T. Verrips

This study on the methylothropic yeast Hansenula polymorpha seems now somewhat outdated. It describes the first attemps to apply a systematic approach to develop a production system for intracellular enzymes aimed at detergent applications. The Hansenula polymorpha expression system is still good compared with the frequently used Pichia pastoris system.

The theme in this thesis is bridging various scientific disciplines. Unfortunately, many of these disciplines are still separate entities in the scientific world.

The challenge set then was: to work at and on interfaces where innovative views are formed; essential for industrial research and innovation.


"Innovation starts at the interface of Research and Development or any interface."


I used various types and levels of 'models' and engineering approaches to structure and start multidisciplinary problem solving. This is still a leading theme in my work.


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